McIlwaine, Callum.        01/03/17



I’m not going to lie, I came into this album a complete stranger to You Me At Six (YMAS) and all i knew of them was a pop rock/punk very manufactured sound that was created to be played to death on Kerrang. Not the best of starts to my listening, however i would not let it deter my interest and I went into this album as open minded as I possibly could.


The opening track is the album titled track “Night People” is an awesome start to the album itself, with a very black keys/ muse style sound that i genuinely did not expect from YMAS and one that i was pleasantly surprised by as my initial thoughts of YMAS are as stated above. This change from the stigma is a welcome on and I enjoy that the album follows this sound throughout, well done.

The song “Heavy Soul” has an almost Scottish sounding intro, but what it lacks in variety it makes up for in a catchy chant-able chorus and a definite crowd participation machine with ‘what are you waiting for’ later in the track itself. A little softer than most of the other songs on the album however, it shows a good balance, having a little more YMAS and a little less black keys is welcomed. This is turning out to be a solid album and one that is truly removing my original prejudice against YMAS.

One of my favourite songs on the album is funnily enough the last track “Give”. I just think it is a genuinely strong ending to an album which has swayed my opinion and made me feel like a true asshole for reading a book by its cover. The song is a great blend of ballad and nostalgic driven instrumentation and the lyrics are easy to remember making them that much more catchy. I like this track a lot. It’s just a well written piece of rock music in my opinion.

In a nutshell, I really liked this album, it takes YMAS away from their days of ‘Save it for the Bedroom’ and ‘Underdog’ with a much more mature approach to writing their songs with more polish and stronger instrumentation, this proves that in cases simplicity and a catchy riff is much more effective than a shredding guitar solo and it works in their favour. One complaint and it is one I mentioned on the podcast itself. WHY DO THEY NOT USE THE RIFF FROM ‘CAN’T HOLD BACK’ MORE!?!? It’s an insanely catchy riff and it is so underutilised which is a damn shame, hopefully on their next release they write a little more riff focused and don’t forget that sometimes they’re sitting on a gem.



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